Youth Sports Reservation Form
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All children must be members of AAU with AB insurance in order to participate in any Midwest Rams events.  This must be completed ASAP.   A State ID must be obtained for your child ASAP.
Current Fees
Youth Football
*TBA / Member
Will include an equipment deposit fee
Discounts available
Youth Cheer
*$TBA / Member
Discounts available
Basketball Membership
*$175 / Member
Discounts available
Uniform Fee
*$100 / Member
Fees can be paid with PayPal Cash app ($midwestrams), money order, or cash.  
*We offer discounts on membership fees.  For example, ask about our multi-child discount!
We are following the CDC guidelines to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. 
1.) All players, spectators, and coaches are required to wear masks. 
2.) All players are required to have their own water bottle.  Sharing is strictly prohibited.
3.) Players must wash hands before practice. 
4.) For indoor sports, before entering the gym everyone must use hand sanitizer.
5.) All players and coaches must use hand sanitizer after water breaks.